Moreno Pivetti




The Public Private Partnership

Italy is a country that is extremely rich in historical architectural heritage with a unique cultural character. However, the Italian State, despite having a legislative apparatus in charge of protecting this heritage, has many difficulties in activating and guaranteeing the resources necessary for its conservation and enhancement.

The Reconstruction Governance. International approach and case study in the world

Over time, each State exposed to seismic risk has developed different reconstruction methods, norms and practices, which inevitably suffer from its own political and socio-economic context.

The rehabilitation of the rural productive fabric between memory and continuity

The territory wounded by the earthquake swarm of May 2012 is characterized by a dynamic plasticity of the heritage operating at various levels, overlapping and sometimes intersecting. On the one hand, a capillary manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises widely identifies the urban peripheries, representing, in some ways, the dominant matrix.